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Isabel Garcia

 Isabel Garcia

Isabel Garcia – an Italian brand of designer clothing that stands out for its rich colors, unusual cuts and innovative approach to fabrics.

Brand's philosophy is to create elegant clothing for women at affordable prices and along the latest fashion trends.

Isabel Garcia is a dynamic, rapidly expanding company with thirteen stores across various cities of Europe and Russia and two exhibition centers located in France and Italy.

Isabel Garcia successfully collaborates with single and multi-brand concepts well known in Europe, USA, Australia and Canada. New collections are simultaneously presented in all Isabel Garcia stores and its franchise operations.

Clothing, footwear and accessories marketed by Isabel Garcia are designed for connoisseurs of fashion trends with penchant for wardrobe differentiation based on mood and life's tempo.

Our collections evoke exquisite, fashionable and exclusive images. In May 2015, Isabel Garcia launches its own internet store, which will feature all lines of our brand.

Principle brand lines

Three principle lines – Gold Label, Isabel Garcia and Red Isabel - represent our brand. Each of the lines features clothing, footwear and accessories.

Gold Label was designed especially for London Fashion Week and currently is being presented to stars and celebrities only. This line is distinguished not only by its luxurious finishes but also by the quality of its fabrics – cotton, silk, wool and exquisite lacing. Many pieces of this line are adorned by hand-made craftsmanship performed by the masters from the Chinese province of Suzhou. A part of this collection is adopted for everyday use and is represented in our store under Isabel Garcia Label.

Isabel Garcia is the main line of the brand. This line is made special by its distinct cut. Created from whether natural or artificial fabrics, designs follow the same patterns.

Red Isabel is the brand's line that stands out thanks to its extensive variety of offerings. This is an everyday collection comprised of fabrics, which combine natural and synthetic fibers. Red Isabel products are made appealing by their lower price point compared to Isabel Garcia.

Design and Renewal of Collections

The team of young and creative designers of Isabel Garcia draws its inspiration from the key currents driven by international fashion shows. Our brand succeeds due to its similarities with haute couture fashions that are re-envisioned as pret-a-porter pieces. Each month Isabel Garcia introduces up to thirty new models. In our boutiques and on-line stores our selection is renewed twice a week.

Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

In February 2015 brand Isabel Garcia presented its new Spring-Summer 2015 Collection, which features butterflies as its main theme. Light, silky and semi-transparent fabrics respond best to our design ideas. Well-known actresses, models and reality show stars select pieces from Isabel Garcia for special events and for leisure. Among them are Sarah Jane Crawford, Chloe Simms, Michelle Keegan, Lucy Watson.